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Investment Guide

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Why invest in Precious Metal ?

Precious Metal

Silver & Gold Investment Guide

Physical Gold and Silver Investment Bullion is the only immutable, tangible and reassuring economic asset that has proven to preserve the value of capital over time and through crises in an unstable and uncertain world. 

In comparison to the US Dollar which has lost 98% of its value over the last century, Gold and Silver Investment Bullion has remained a symbol of both financial security and power, that is universally recognized as an indisputable safe and reliable investment instrument.

Precious Metal is sought after for both investment and manufacturing purposes such as jewelery, electronics and medical devices, so when demand for certain consumer goods rises, the demand and price for precious metals used in those goods also rises.

As the price of Gold is (in general) inversely related to the value of the US Dollar, when the US Dollar becomes stronger, the Gold price lowers and conversely when the US Dollar becomes weaker, the Gold price increases through higher demand.

For this reason Gold is seen as a hedge against currency devaluation and inflation, so when prices rise, the US Dollar falls and the price of Gold increases. Gold is also seen as a means of providing protection during periods of political instability.

Another reason why the price of Precious Metals such as Gold and Silver continue to rise in value, is the increasing difficulty and costs of mining the precious metals. Over the years the easiest to reach precious metals were mined first, however, the mining companies are increasingly having to go deeper and work harder to access the precious metal reserves.

Without doubt, Physical Gold Bullion or Silver Bullion should be a significant part of any investment portfolio.

Of course Gold and Silver Investment Bullion can only be completely relied upon if it is a 'physical' asset, unlike owning ETF's and Unallocated Gold & Silver Bullion which are not guaranteed to be backed by 'physical' Gold and Silver.


What is Pool Allocated Bullion ? 

In simple terms, as a Central Bullion registered user, you are able to buy ownership of as little as 1 gram (allocated to you) from a 'segregated pool' of vaulted large physical Gold or Silver investment bullion bars, with the financial benefit of you only paying wholesale prices per gram... cheaper than anywhere else.

You also have the complete peace of mind knowing that the Gold or Silver investment bullion that you own is supplied to us directly from LBMA accredited refiners and it is safely stored, audited and fully insured for you in high security Brinks and Loomis professional Vaults. Read more...



The Award Winning Central Bullion Platform

Buy, Sell, Send & Receive Gold & Silver Investment Bullion


Central Bullion offers (Private & Business) Registered Users a range of useful and unique services and facilities to Buy, Sell, Send and Receive Precious Metal Bullion on the Central Bullion Platform which includes the Peer-toPeer Central Bullion Market. 

The investment bullion that you buy and sell on the Central Bullion Platform is vaulted Pool Allocated Bullion and you have the option to convert your ownership of vaulted Pool Alocated Bullion to Bullion Bars to be Delivered to your own premises at any time.

As a Central Bullion Registered User you have complete peace-of-mind knowing that when you buy ownership of vaulted Gold Investment Bullion or Silver Investment Bullion on the Central Bullion Platform and 'Peer-to-Peer' Central Bullion Market, you own 'real' physical Gold and Silver Investment Bullion.

Each transaction is safely and securely handled through the secure, unique, intelligent software system of the Central Bullion Platform, designed, developed, owned and maintained by Central Bullion Ltd.

The Buying and Selling process on the Central Bullion Platform and 'Peer-to-Peer' Central Bullion Market is a simple and safe, easy to follow process for anyone, whether you are a seasoned investor, or just starting out.

The poplarity of the Central Bullion Platform is growing exponentially as more and more private and business investors are profiting from the unique range of useful Investing/saving/money making services and rave reviewes are appearing in investment articles, blogs, newspapers, videos, tv programs, pod casts and journals around the world.


In May 2021 we were proud to have been informed that after much deliberation from their panel of judges, that Central Bullion Ltd had been awarded:

The Most Innovative Metals Investment Dealership - UK

...for the 2021 UK Enterprise Awards, hosted by the SME-News!




General Tax Information


When investing in bullion it is important to consider the Tax implications. We cannot offer Tax or Personal Investment advice or recommendations.

The following is general information (Not advise or recommendation) about Investing and Trading Precious Metal Bullion in the UK and USA with regards to VAT, Taxes and reporting.

Other Countries, States and Principalities have their own individual Tax laws and requirements.

Please note: Central Bullion Ltd does not give any information, advice or recommendation on the Central Bullion Platform, Video Tutorials, Invoices or any other means of communication as to personal or business Tax liabilities or Reporting requirements which is the responsibility of the Registered User.

Before Investing in and Trading Precious Metal Bullion you should seek your own independent advice from an appropriately qualified Financial Advisor in your own Country.


VAT (Value-Added Tax)


Currently, investment Gold, including bullion bars and coins that are purchased in the UK and EU is exempt from VAT.
Since the 1st January 2000 investment Gold has been exempt from VAT, to fall in line with the EC Council Directive 98/80 EC, harmonising regulations between the UK and the rest of the EU.

Investing in gold bullion is either:

(a) gold of a purity not less than 995 thousandths that is in the form of a bar or wafer of a weight accepted by the bullion markets.

(b) a gold coin minted after 1800 that is:

  • of a purity of not less than 900 thousandths.
  • or has been, legal tender in its country of origin.
  • of a description of coin that is normally sold at a price that does not exceed 180 per cent of the open market value of the gold contained in the coin.

(c) an investment gold coin as specified in: www.gov.uk guidance vat notice 701/21

Reference link: www.gov.uk/guidance/gold-acquisitions-imports-investments-and-vat-notice-70121



Investment in Silver Bullion is not currently exempt and is subject to 20% VAT, unless you purchase POOL ALLOCATED BULLION where you do NOT have to pay VAT on your purchase.

*Note: Converting 'Pool Allocated Bullion' to 'Bullion Bars For Delivery'

When you request that we send you Bullion Bars for Delivery in place of all, or part, of your Pool Allocated Bullion, the price that you pay for the Bullion Bars for Delivery is subject to 20% VAT as its status changes from vaulted, to delivered Silver Bars.

VAT: *The costs for converting and the price you pay for the Silver Bullion Bars are subject to 20% VAT.

BILLING: Costs are paid at the time of the conversion.


United Kingdom

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a Tax that you pay on profit when you sell, or give away, an asset that has increased in value since buying, acquiring it.

CGT is applicable to a wide range of assets including Shares, Bullion and Second Homes.

Individuals in the UK have a CGT allowance where any gains/profits realised in a single year will go towards the individuals own CGT allowance.

Profits that are below the individuals allowance limit are exempt from CGT and any gains over your allowance limit are subject to Tax in line with the appropriate HMRC rates.

The United Kingdom CGT allowance for the 2019/20 financial year is £12,000.


United States of America

When you Buy and Sell Investment Bullion and subsequently generate a profit, you may be liable to report and pay Taxes at either regular income rate or as Capital Gains.

Central Bullion does not supply Registered Users with 1099 Forms, however, the information that your need to determine if you have made a profit is available in the Statements Tab of your Personal Dashboard.

It is important that you consult with your personal tax advisor for more information about your liability for Taxes on profits and your compliance with USA Tax laws.

As a USA person you are required to file an FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) when you have a Financial Interest in Financial Accounts located in another Country, or if you have Signature Authority on such Accounts and if the aggregate value exceeded $10,000 at any time during a calendar year.

In addition you are required to file an 8938 Form to comply with the FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) listing your “foreign financial assets” if the aggregate value is $50,000 along with your annual Tax return.

It is important that you consult with your personal tax advisor for more information about your liability for Taxes on profits and your compliance with USA Tax laws.



Spot Price, Premium, Futures Price & Fix Price explained


1. Spot Prices

The Spot Price of Gold and Silver is the Live Price that can be transacted and delivered on 'right now' (On the Spot) as price per troy ounce of Gold or Silver.

The Spot Prices of Gold and Silver are used in determining the current price of unfabricated forms of Gold and Silver, before it is sold to be created as Bullion Bars or Struck as Coins.

Gold and Silver like most commodities are in a constant state of price discovery which occurs virtually around the clock as they are traded on Exchanges around the World in New York, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Zurich.

Spot Price is an average net present value of the estimated Futures Price based on the traded futures contracts. (see 4. below) 

The fluctuating Spot Prices are an important benchmark for the Precious Metal Industry to set their Premium (see 3. below) in order to sell at a profit and for Investors and Dealers to watch and make their investing in gold and silver decisions.


2. Live Spot Price Feed

We provide a Live Spot Price Feed, which refreshes with updated prices every 30 seconds, to refer to when making a decision on Buying and Selling, Gold and Silver Bullion.


3. Premium

When you buy Bullion you pay a % (percentage) more than the Market Spot Prices which is called the Premium.

PREMIUM = The difference between how much you pay for your Bullion and the amount of the Spot Price of that metal.

The lower the Premium, the better the deal you are getting on your Bullion purchase at that time.


4. Futures prices

The futures prices of a Gold and Silver and most other commodities are contracts that designate a price for future delivery of the Gold or Silver as price per troy ounce of the Gold or Silver.
The trades are essentially educated guesses of where the Gold or Silver will be at a specific date in the future.

The futures price of commodity's such as Gold and Silver is based on its current 'Spot Price' plus the 'Cost of Carry' during the interim before delivery of the commodity. The 'Cost of Carry' refers to the storage costs of the commodity including: vaulting, insurance, interest and other incidental expenses.


5. Fix Price

The LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) sets the price twice each day in independently operated auctions that are administered by the ICE Benchmark Administration (IBA).

GOLD: For Gold there is a 1st price (known as the London Fix) which is set at 10:00 BST (UK time) in $US dollars. The Gold price is then adjusted at 15:00 BST (UK time) in $US dollars, based on the trading of Futures on COMEX (part of the New York Mercantile Exchange).

SILVER: The Silver price is set daily at 12:00 BST (UK time) in US dollars.



Other types of Precious Metal Investment


Unallocated Bullion

This brief description and information will make apparent why Unallocated Bullion is NOT a service offered by Central Bullion Ltd.

When you buy Unallocated Bullion, the Precious Metal remains the property of the Bank/Institution and you are simply an unsecured creditor of the Bank/Institution. The Un-allocated Bullion is formally a deposit which becomes the property of the Bank/Institution and its liability to you as a depositor on their balance sheet.

If the Bank/Institution fails then as the Un-allocated Bullion is not your property, a liquidator will not return it to you. Instead you would be one of many unsecured creditors who 'may' get a share of whatever the liquidators are able to raise by selling the assets of the Bank/Institution.

Unallocated Bullion is not always kept by the Bank/Institution in physical form in a Vault, however if it is held in physical form it can be still be converted into cash to be used to pay creditors in the event of a crisis of the Bank/Institution.


ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds)

This brief description and information will make apparent why ETF's are NOT a service offered by Central Bullion Ltd.

When you invest in an ETF, you never actually own physical Gold or Silver asset and according to their trust deeds some ETFs are not even backed by Precious Metal.

You have no control over the jurisdiction of an ETF, which the ETF manager chooses, compared to Central Bullion, Pool Allocated Bullion that can be stored or switched between several countries.

ETFs are traded on major stock exchanges 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, compared to The Central Bullion Market which is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Hence during growing crises, which authorities tend to keep secret until late Friday evenings and the results of elections and referenda that come out overnight, ETF owners often miss out on the most important and advantageous times to trade.



IRA (Individual Retirement Account)


You can hold Gold and Silver Physical Pool Allocated Investment Bullion with Central Bullion through a Self-Directed IRA (Individual Retirement Account).

The table below lists requirements by the IRS to make Gold and Silver Bullion allowable in an Individual Retirement Account.

Requirements of the Gold and Silver Central Bullion
Minimum fineness (purity) of Gold should be .995, 995.0 parts per 1,000, 99.5%. All Gold Investment Bullion supplied & vaulted is .9999, 999.9 parts per 1,000, 99.99%. 
Minimum fineness (purity) of Silver .999, 999.0 parts per 1,000, 99.9%. All Silver Investment Bullion supplied & vaulted is .999, 999.0 parts per 1,000, 99.9%. 
It must be kept at arm's length from the IRA holder & in a depository for safe keeping. All Gold & Silver Investment Bullion is held in professionally operated, high security, independently audited and insured Vaults.
It must not be in the form of collectible (numismatic) or rare Coins.   All Gold & Silver Investment Bullion is in the form of Physical Pool Allocated Investment Bullion Bars.


Central Bullion Ltd do not directly offer any kind of service for IRA's and you must make your own arrangements and instruct your own choice of IRA Custodian or Administrator that you want them to buy Pool Allocated Investment Bullion from Central Bullion Ltd in the name of your IRA.



Investing Risks, Tax Liabilities, Legal Obligations and Reporting Requirements

Central Bullion Ltd does not give advice or recommendation as to any kind of personal or business investing/trading, tax liabilities, legal rules and obligations, or reporting requirements and the information provided on the Central Bullion platform, video tutorials, invoices or other means of communication should not be relied upon and/or acted upon as such.

Before Investing in and Trading (buying and selling) in Precious Metal Bullion on the Central Bullion Platform, or by any other means, you should seek your own independent advice from an appropriately qualified Advisor in your own Country.

IMPORTANT: Precious metal prices can be volatile and the value of any metal that you purchase, or sell, can go down as well as up. 

Please read: the Disclaimer at the Bottom of the Webpage.



Any more questions ?

After reading through the information supplied on our website, if you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



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