• Metal
  • Ounce
  • Gram
  • Gold
  • £1598.58
  • £51.396
  • Silver
  • £19.20
  • £0.617
Spot Prices. Updated 08:48 31/03/23

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Central Bullion
  • Buy Pool Allocated Bullion from Central Bullion

    Buying Vaulted Bullion

    You can buy Gold and Silver Bullion in 1 gram increments. READ MORE

  • Price Comparision

    Using Peer-2-Peer Market

    You can easily buy and sell vaulted bullion on the Peer-2-Peer Market. READ MORE

  • Send Pool Allocated Bullion as Payments & Gifts

    Sending e-Gift Cards

    Its easy to buy and send an attractive personalized gift card for any occasion. READ MORE

  • Buy and Sell on the Peer-to-Peer Central Bullion MARKET

    Vaulted Investment Bullion

    You can buy PRE-OWNED Gold and Silver Vaulted Investment Bullion from other Registered Users and benefit from cutting-out the usual middleman (retailer/dealer) costs. READ MORE

  • Exchange Silver for Gold & Gold for Silver

    Exchanging Metal Types

    You can easily Exchange one type of Precious Metal Bullion for another type. READ MORE

  • Exchange Silver for Gold & Gold for Silver

    Transferring Vaulted Bullion

    You can easily Transfer ownership of some of your Vaulted Bullion to anyone, anywhere. READ MORE

  • Exchange Silver for Gold & Gold for Silver

    Regular Investment

    Use Hassle-Free AUTOMATION for the regular buying of Bullion. READ MORE

  • Exchange Silver for Gold & Gold for Silver

    Buying Bullion For Delivery

    You can easily buy to Bullion for Delivery that is shipped your address. READ MORE

  • Exchange Silver for Gold & Gold for Silver

    Converting Vaulted Bullion To Bullion For Delivery

    You can easily Convert some, or all, of your Vaulted Bullion to Bullion for Delivery. READ MORE

  • Convert Pool Allocated Bullion to Bullion Bars for Delivery

    backed by Precious Metal

    Convert your precious metalVaulted Investment Bullioninto currency on your GlobalPayment Card to makepayments & ATM cashwithdrawals worldwide. READ MORE

Frequently Asked Questions

ACCOUNT REGISTRATION. Is it FREE to Register my Website User Account ?



YES. IT is completely FREE to register your Website User Account.

NOTE: You will need to add funds to your Account Wallet before you can make any transactions.

ACCOUNT REGISTRATION. Why do I have to register to use the Website ?



We have a legal obligation to comply with UK Government and EU regulations on Anti Money Laundering, Fraud and Terrorism.

It is the companies responsibility to carry out the necessary checks and validations by ensuring that we have adequate systems and procedures in place to safeguard against money laundering and to combat financial crimes.

It is for both our protection and yours that we only provide services to Registered Users who have completed the onboarding process.

ACCOUNT REGISTRATION. How long does registration take ?



The simple process to create a Website User Account takes only 5 minutes.

You will be sent an email with a verification link that you need to click to verify your email address.

NOTE: Until you click the link on the email to verify your email address the registration process will be delayed.

ACCOUNT REGISTRATION. Is there a monthly membership Fee and minimum subscription period ?



NO. When you create a Website User Account, you are not charged a monthly membership Fee and you are not tied to a 12 month contract. You can close your Account at any time, by sending us notice to close your Account.

You will be charged all outstanding Fees, including Vaulting Fees which are charged on 30 day vaulting periods.

Example: If we receive notice from you to close your Account on day 22 in the 30 day period, you will be charged for the 8 day balance of the 30 days vaulting fee period.


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