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Spot Prices. Updated 08:48 04/06/23

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The perfect instant gift for anyone on any occasion, which is redeemed for Gold and Silver Bullion.




Browse below to find the perfect e-Gift Card design.

It only takes 5 minutes to buy and send an e-Gift Card to your friend who is sure to be absolutely delighted.







An e-Gift Card is gifted by you to a Giftee (recipient) who redeems it on this Website for grams of Gold and Silver securely vaulted Bullion.

The e-Gift Cards are not e-money cards: payment cards, debit cards, credit cards.

The e-Gift Cards cannot be redeemed on any other website and cannot be redeemed (exchanged) for cash. 


In the 'Refine by' drop-down menu, select appropriate category of e-Gift Card (e.g. Birthday, New Year, Thank You etc.)
Scroll through the e-Gift Cards.
If you want to look at other e-Gift Cards then click the 'BACK' Button and then select a different Gift Card. 
Click 'Buy Now' to select the e-Gift Card that you want to send.
Enter your Name into the *Your Name' box.
Enter your email address into the 'Your Email Address' box.
Enter the Name of the Recipient into the 'Recipient Name' box.

Enter the email address of the Recipient into the 'Recipient Email Address'. box.

Now enter a personal message into the 'Add a personalised message' box.

Note: Adding a message is 'optional'.  

If you want some inspiration for your message, Click the 'Lightbulb' icon and you can view hundreds of Template Messages. You can Copy and Paste any of the messages into the 'Add a personalised message' box.

Enter the amount into the 'Gift Card Amount' box.

This is the e-Gift Card Value that the Recipient can redeem for grams of Vaulted Bullion on this website.

If you are happy to proceed, click the box to confirm that you accept the Terms and Conditions.
Now click the 'PAY NOW' Button and complete the purchase with your debit/credit card. 
When you have completed your payment, the e-Gift Card and instructions of use, will be automatically sent to the recipients email address.