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About Investment Bullion

About Investment Bullion



Directly Supplied By LBMA  Accredited Refiners.

Central Bullion purchases Precious Metal Investment Bullion Bars of the highest fineness and purity, produced to exacting quality control standards and supplied directly to us from LMBA (London Bullion Market Association) accredited Refiners.

Central Bullion Ltd is supplied with Gold and Silver Bullion Bars from the following refiners:


NV Umicore SA. Hoboken, Belgium.

Reference link: https://pmr.umicore.com/en/

certificate certificate


Allgemeine Gold- und Silberscheideanstalt AG. Pforzheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Reference link: https://www.agosi.de/unternehmen/standorte/?lang=en

certificate certificate



About the LBMA


The LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) sets the stringent criteria that enable the global trade in Silver and Gold Bullion Bars. It is the de facto standard trusted around the world.

Reference link: https://www.lbma.org.uk/

In 1750 the Bank of England set up the London Good Delivery List for gold which formally recognised those refineries which produced gold bars to the required standard. Today, LBMA own and manage the Good Delivery Lists for both Gold and Silver.



LBMA 'Good Delivery' Bars

The global OTC market for precious metals is dependent on the fungibility of bars that underpin the system. Only gold and silver bars that meet LBMA’s 'Good Delivery' standards are acceptable in the settlement of a loco London contract.

LBMA 'Good Delivery' Bars are very large Bullion Bars produced within weight, size and fineness specifications set by the LBMA.

LBMA GOLD 'Good Delivery' Bars are minimum 350 troy ounces and maximum 430 troy ounces.

Central Bullion 'pool allocated' Investment Bullion GOLD Bars are the most common weight of 400 troy ounces = 12.5kg.

LBMA SILVER 'Good Delivery' Bars are minimum 750 troy ounces and maximum 1100 troy ounces.

Central Bullion 'pool allocated' Investment Bullion SILVER Bars are 1,000 troy ounces = 31.1kg. 


The LBMA set the global standard for these 'Good Delivery' bars through maintenance of the London Good Delivery Lists.

No other refined Gold or Silver products produced by accredited refiners fall within the scope of the Good Delivery Lists. 

A high level of consistency is maintained within the London market by ensuring both refiners and vaults implement the Good Delivery Rules relating to a bar's assay, weight and its safe handling and stacking.



Responsible Sourcing

Central Bullion Ltd ensures that all Silver and Gold Bars Investment Bullion that it purchases and supplies is responsibly sourced as we restrict our supply from ONLY London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) accredited Refiners. 

LBMA’s Responsible Sourcing programme for precious metals protects the integrity of the global supply chain for the wholesale precious metals markets.

Vital to the credibility of the standards is the broad scope, which includes measures to combat money laundering, terrorist financing and human rights abuses globally.

The LBMA is currently Co-Chair for the OECD Interim Governance Group.

The OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas, provides step-by-step management recommendations endorsed by governments for global responsible supply chains of minerals in order for companies to respect human rights and avoid contributing to conflict through their mineral or metal purchasing decisions and practices. 

Reference link: https://www.lbma.org.uk/responsible-sourcing



Global Precious Metals Code

Central Bullion Ltd adheres where practicable to the Global Precious Metals Code within the overall scope of our working practices and polcies.

The Global Precious Metals Code has been prepared by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) following an extensive period of consultation with Members of the Association as well as participants from the wider Precious Metals market. It is endorsed by the LBMA Board, comprised of market participants from a representative cross-section of the LBMA Membership. The LBMA’s Precious Metals Code Working Group (PMCWG), with expertise in the regulatory aspects of the Precious Metals market, assisted with the preparation of the Code and has commited to continue to help to ensure that it remains fit for purpose.


Reference link: https://www.lbma.org.uk/publications/the-code



What is 'Pool Allocated' Investment Bullion ?

When you buy grams of Precious Metal Investment Bullion from Central Bullion Direct, or from another Registered User on the Central Bullion Market, you are aquiring individual grams of large physical Gold and Silver Investment Bullion Bars, that we have had segregated into a 'pool' in the High Security, Fully Insured and Audited, Professional Brinks Vault.

You, along with many other Central Bullion Registered Users, are all acquiring ownership of individual grams ('parts', 'slices' or a 'share') of the large LBMA approved physical Investment Bullion Bars from that same 'pool' in the High Security Brinks Vault.

Each gram that you Buy from the 'pool' is Allocated to you so that you legally own it. Hence why we refer to the Investment Bullion that you purchase as 'Pool Allocated Bullion'.

Of course the Investment Bullion Bars in the pool all remain intact and are not really physically sliced up !



What are the advantages of buying 'Pool Allocated' Investment Bullion ?


You can buy as little as 1 gram at a time, but you only pay the low wholesale price.

The only way that you can buy investment bullion at such a low wholesale price, is if you were to purchase a whole large 12.5kg Gold Bar yourself for more than $500,000.

You have total peace of mind knowing that your Investment Bullion is Securely Stored in high security vaults, is Fully Insured to it's full value and is 3rd party audited weekly.

You can easily sell ownership of some or all of your vaulted Investment Bullion on the Central Bullion Market at any time and make a profit.

You can instantly send ownership of some of your vaulted Investment Bullion to anyone, anywhere who has an email address.

Avoiding the usual high bank currency conversion charges.



Substantially Lower in Price than Bullion Bars Delivered to you.

For the Refiners to be profitable, the % Premium (mark up added to the spot price) they must charge is much higher for small Bullion Bars than for large Bullion Bars.

We purchase the largest Bullion Bars for the lowest $/gram and by using the Pool Allocated Bullion method of allowing Registered Users to 'collectively' buy up large Investment Bullion Bars, we are able to sell Investment Bullion to those Registered Users, at a a very low wholesale price.

In fact on the Peer-to-peer Central Bullion Market it is often possible to buy ownership of Gold and Silver vaulted Investment Bullion for LESS THAN SPOT PRICE, which cannot be achieved anywhere else.


Example diagrams

Example diagram 1 visually demonstrates how when you normally buy Bullion Bars that are delivered to you, you need to buy a very large Gold Investment Bullion Bar to benefit from the lowest price per gram.


price per gram


Example diagram 2 visually demonstrates that you can buy ownership of vaulted 'Pool Allocated' Gold Investment Bullion at a very low wholesale price per gram, even when buying as little as 1 single gram. 


     pool allocated bullion



Bullion Bar Fineness and Pureness.

Gold and Silver can be mixed/alloyed with many other metals, hence the higher the precious metal % content in a Bullion Bar, the purer it is. The purer the Bullion Bar - the more expensive it is in weight pre gram.

Millesimal fineness is a system of denoting the purity of Precious Metal Alloys:-

'Parts Per Thousand' of the pure metal by 'Mass' in the alloy.



The karat is a fractional measure of purity for gold alloys, in parts fine per 24 parts whole.

Gold purity is determined 'post-refining'.

Naturally there are varying refining standards and refining methods and technologies used in the industry around the world.

In general the minimum worldwide accepted fineness of Gold is 995.0 (99.5%).

Central Bullion Gold Investment Bullion Bars are of the highest % or 'part per 1000, hence the purest of form of GOLD at 999.9 (99.99%).


pie chart pie chart pie chart pie chart pie chart pie chart pie chart



Silver purity is determined 'post-refining'.

Naturally there are varying refining standards and refining methods and technologies used in the industry around the world.

In general the minimum worldwide accepted fineness of Silver is 925.0 (92.5%).

Any silver used for investment, or trade on metal and commodities exchanges must be 99.9 % pure, or 999.0, sometimes referred to as “three nines fine.”

Sterling silver used in jewellery, for example, has a purity of 92.5 %. Thus, silver jewellery is often stamped with 925.

Silver Coins minted for general circulation generally use silver with a purity commonly ranging from 80% to 92.5%. Collectible coins up to 95.8% and investment Bullion Coins at 99.9%.

Central Bullion Silver Investment Bullion Bars and Coins are of the highest % or 'part per 1,000, hence the purest of form of SILVER at 999.0 (99.9%).


pie chart pie chart pie chart pie chart



Troy Ounces (t oz) and Avoirdupois Ounces (oz).

When buying Precious Metal Bullion that is manufactured and sold in quantity weight of Ounces, it is important to know if the Bullion Bars you are buying have been produced in Troy Ounces, or (regular) Avoirdupois Ounces, to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.


You get more grams in a Troy Ounce than in an Avoirdupois Ounce.
Not all Bullion Bars marked 'ounces' are produced in Troy Ounces.
Central Bullion only purchases and sells Bullion Bars in grams and Troy Ounces.
Troy Ounce (t oz). A unit of measure that dates back to the Middle Ages.
A Troy Ounce (t oz) is a unit of measure used for weighing precious metals that dates back to the Middle Ages and that, in general, has been retained by the Precious Metals/Bullion Industry. Gold, Silver and other precious metals are commonly produced in grams, however, most refineries still also produce in their range at least one Bullion Bar in Troy Ounces.

Troy Ounces 'V' Avoirdupois Ounces.
Goods such as Sugar are produced in (regular) Avoirdupois Ounces.

1 oz (regular ounce) = 28.35 g (grams), compared to 1 t oz (troy ounce) = 31.1 g (grams).

1 (t oz) Troy ounce = 31.1035 grams (1 t oz = 1.09714 oz (avoirdupois) ounce).
1 Tola = 11.6638038 grams or 0.375 t oz.
1 Tael = 37.7994 grams or 1.20337 t oz.
1 Baht = 15.244 grams or 0.4901 t oz.
1 Chi = 3.75 grams or 0.1322774 t oz.



Markings on Bullion Bars.

Precious Metal Bullion Bars normally have some, or all, of the following 6 markings:

  • Stamp/Logo of the Refiner.
  • Assay mark.
  • Fineness.
  • Serial number.
  • Weight in g (grams) or t oz (troy ounces)
  • Year and Month of manufacture (often included in the first digits of the Bar Serial Number).

Minted Bars often have the a pattern on the bottom surface.



Security & Authenticity of your Precious Metal Investment Bullion.

We purchase the large Gold and Silver Investment Bullion Bars from LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) Accredited Refiners, which are delivered directly from the Refiners to our dedicated High Security, Insured and Independently Audited Vaults (Brinks).

Each of the large Investment Bullion Bars (which are known as 'good delivery bars') are produced and meet the LBMA 'Good Delivery' standards.

You are therefore know that your investment is 100% genuine, physical, safe and fully insured.   



NO Modern Slavery or Human Trafficking in our Supply Chain

We are fully committed to ensure that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our metals and materials supply chains, outsourced services or in any part of our business operations.

Central Bullion Ltd has taken steps to ensure that we comply with the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act 2015.

All Precious Metal Bullion that we purchase is supplied by LBMA accredited Refiners, which ensures that all Bullion that supplied to us has been produced in accordance with the LBMA’s Responsible Sourcing programme for precious metals. 



All Video Tutorials


A series of Central Bullion VIDEO TUTORIALS are available to visually explain and help you easily understand how to use and get the most benefit from the Central Bullion Website, Services and Central Bullion Market.



Investing Risks, Tax Liabilities, Legal Obligations and Reporting Requirements

Central Bullion Ltd does not give advice or recommendation as to any kind of personal or business investing/trading, tax liabilities, legal rules and obligations, or reporting requirements and the information provided on the Central Bullion platform, video tutorials, invoices or other means of communication should not be relied upon and/or acted upon as such.

Before Investing in and Trading (buying and selling) in Precious Metal Bullion on the Central Bullion Platform, or by any other means, you should seek your own independent advice from an appropriately qualified Advisor in your own Country.

IMPORTANT: Precious metal prices can be volatile and the value of any metal that you purchase, or sell, can go down as well as up. 

Please read: the Disclaimer at the Bottom of the Webpage.



Any more questions ?

After reading through the information supplied on our website, if you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



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