Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of Use (also referred to as our ‘Terms of Use) and the other documents we refer to below govern all ways of Users accessing and using our Centralbullion.com website and by using such you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms of Use.

Please read through these Terms of Use fully and carefully so that you are aware of, know and understand your rights and obligations when you use Centralbullion.com.

The following terminology applies to these Terms of Use:

“Central Bullion Ltd”, Central Bullion”, “Centralbullion”, "we", "our", "company" or "the company" or "us" means: Central Bullion Ltd, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, UK. N1 7GU.

"Website" or “centralbullion.com” means: the Website operated by Central Bullion Ltd which is available at www.centralbullion.com and www.centralbullion.co.uk and any of the websites regional or other domains related Central Bullion Ltd services, tools or applications including: Mobile websites, Android Apps, iOS Apps and any other access mechanism.

"Domain Names" means: All domain names owned by Central Bullion Ltd including and not limited to: centralbullion.com and centralbullion.co.uk.

"Central Bullion Services" means: all services provided by us to you.

"User", "you" or "your" means: yourself as an individual who visits or uses centralbullion.com and includes access and use via the API. A User may be both a Buyer or Seller under these Terms of Use.

"User Contract" means:

(a) these Terms of Use (which may be amended without prior notice).

(b) the Buyer terms (which may be amended without prior notice).

(c) the Seller Terms (which may be amended without prior notice).

(d) any other contractual provisions that are uploaded to the Website and accepted by both the Seller and Buyer to the extent consistent with these Terms of Use.

(e) any other information incorporated, or linked to, for reference (which may be amended, included, or removed without prior notice)

"Central Bullion Verified", “Central Bullion Ltd Verified” or KYC Verified, means: Users who have been satisfactorily verified under the KYC (Know your Customer) and Identity Verification Policy.

"Account" or “User Account” means: the Account created and used by a User on the centralbullion.com website that is associated with the Users Email Address and Mobile Phone Number.

“Contract of Sale” means: the legally binding purchase agreement that automatically exists between a Seller and Buyer when a Seller Accepts a Buyers Order.

“Agreement” means: the legally binding Agreement between a User and Central Bullion Ltd when a User accesses and uses services on the centralbullion.com.

"Buyer" means: a User that makes a purchase on centralbullion.com.

"Seller" means: a User that Sells via centralbullion.com.

"Seller Services" means: all services provided by a Seller on or via the centralbullion.com.

“User Material” means: descriptions, photographs and specifications posted/uploaded by a User on centralbullion.com. This also includes any opinions, messages, advertisements and announcements posted/uploaded to centralbullion.com.

"Payment" means: a payment via transfer of funds/currency made by a Buyer on centralbullion.com.

"Intellectual Property Rights" means: any intellectual property (IP) rights, existing worldwide and the subject matter of such intellectual property rights, including:

(a) copyright, trademarks, patents, registered designs, design patents, rights in circuit layouts (or similar rights), unregistered designs, unregistered trademarks and any rights to have confidential information.

(b) any applications, or rights to apply for the registration of any of the rights referred to in (a), whether or not such rights are existing under any laws, at common law or equity or registered or capable of being registered.

"Dispute Resolution Process" means: the process that is followed by Buyers and Sellers in accordance with Dispute Resolution Services.

General Terms of Use

These Terms of Use were last modified on 27 February 2020 and describe the Terms and Conditions which you wholly accept by accessing and using centralbullion.com and our Services.

Linked information is incorporated into this User Agreement for reference.

Headings are for reference purposes only and in no way define, construe, limit or describe the scope or extent of these Terms of Use.

1: The Applicability of these Terms of Use

These Terms of Use form a legally binding agreement (the ‘Agreement’) between Central Bullion Ltd (Us) and you (the User).

These Terms of Use govern your access to and use of centralbullion.com via any device. If there is conflicting information between the English version of these Terms of Use and the other language versions, the English version prevails. Any (legal) terms and concepts used in these Terms of Use will, however, be interpreted according to English law.

2: Our other applicable policies.

The following rules, policies and information apply to all Users of the centralbullion.com and they form an integral part of these Terms of Use and by using the centralbullion.com, you agree to them:

2a. Seller Terms are specific to Users who Sell on/via centralbullion.com.

2b. Buyer Terms are specific to Users who Buy on/via centralbullion.com.

2c. Prohibited Items. If you are a Seller or Buyer on the centralbullion.com, these rules and information applies to you.

2d. Supported Countries and Payment Methods. If you are a Seller or Buyer on the centralbullion.com, this information applies to you.

2e. Privacy Policy. Protecting your personal information is of utmost importance to us and in our Privacy Policy, you can read how we process your personal information. Privacy Policy.

By accessing and using the centralbullion.com, you agree that your personal information can be used for the purposes described in our Privacy Policy.

2f. Cookies Policy. As is common practice with almost all professional websites and mobile applications, we use cookies on centralbullion.com. You can read about cookies and how we use them. Cookies Policy.

3: The Scope of our Services

We provide the centralbullion.com website for Users to Buy and Sell Bullion and the scope of our Services is limited as follows:

3a. Selling Bullion to Buyers.

3b. Buying Bullion from Sellers.

3c. Authentication and genuinity testing of Bullion.

Third Party Service Providers used by Central Bullion Ltd. The centralbullion.com website contains links to third party websites and makes use of the supplementary services of companies such as the payment services provider Stripe. The use of any such services, products or websites are governed by and subject to the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the third party service providers.

4: Your User Account

You may make a purchase on centralbullion.com as a “Guest” or registered “User”. To benefit from Loyalty Points you must create a User Account prior to any purchase where you wish to accrue Loyalty Points. Users must be minimum 18 years old, or 16 years old if they have express permission from their legal guardian of minimum 18 years old. The rules for the use of your User Account are described below:

Provide true and accurate information. You must provide truthful and accurate information about yourself and your company when creating your User Account. If you use false information or impersonate another person or company, your User Account will be closed and deleted and any funds held on your behalf may be permanently withheld from you. In addition your details may be reported to appropriate authorities on request. It is your sole responsibility to keep your personal and company information up to date at all times.

Use an appropriate Username. When you choose a Username for your User Account it must not be considered to be offensive or vulgar and must not infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties or in any other way violate these Terms of Use.

Protecting your User Account. It is your sole responsibility to keep your Username and Password secret and only known to you at all times. You agree and accept that you are responsible for any activity related to your User Account which has been accessed using your Username and Password.

Provide (ID) Identification. Depending on your legal status and the amount in GBP that you are purchasing, you may be required to provide appropriate (ID) Identification Documents to comply with the 2007 Money Laundering Regulations.

Restrictions to your User Account. To ensure centralbullion.com remains safe and trustworthy for all Users, we reserve the right to: (a) Deny you the ability to create a User Account, (b) Restrict or deny the use of your User Account, (c) Close & delete your User Account.

In the event that your User Account is restricted or closed and deleted, we also reserve the right to restrict or close any other User Accounts that we determine, that in our opinion, belong to or are linked to you. If you do not agree with the restriction of closure of a User Account, you will bear the burden of proof that the relevant User Account/s are not connected to you. Following closure and deletion of your User Account, you are prohibited from registering another User Account or accessing and using centralbullion.com by using any other persons User Account.

5: Country Restrictions.

The centralbullion.com website may not be available to Users residing in certain Countries for reasons such as and not limited to: Countries where our third party payment providers are not supported, or Countries that are not commercially viable to Central Bullion Ltd. We reserve the right to prohibit and restrict Users from creating and using a User Account if the User resides in a prohibited Country. Countries may be added to the prohibited Country list, in which case Users who reside in those Countries will be informed.

You are obliged to comply with all applicable UK, European and International laws, act, treaty or regulations regarding the purchasing of Bullion.

6. Shipping

Your order will be processed and delivered without undue delay, no later than 30 days after your order has been placed.

Please allow for up to 7 working days for delivery following the dispatch of your order.

7. Cancellations, returns and refunds

All customers have the right to cancel their order under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation & Additional Charges) Regulations.

Your right to cancel an order for goods starts the moment you place your order and ends 14 days from the day you receive your goods.

To meet the cancellation deadline, please notify us via email or phone about cancelling the order before the cancellation period has expired.

If you are in possession of the goods you are under the duty to retain them and take reasonable care of them. You must send the goods back to us to our contact address at your own cost (unless we delivered the item to you in error or the item is damaged or defective) as soon as possible once you have cancelled the order.

We reserve the right to make a charge not exceeding our direct costs of recovering the goods if you do not return the goods or return them at our expense.

Once you have notified us that you wish to cancel the order, any sum debited to us will be refunded to you as soon as possible and in any event within 14 days of your cancellation.

8: User Risk and Prohibited Activity.

You agree and accept that your User Account is your sole responsibility and that you use the centralbullion.com website at your own risk. In addition you also agree that the same applies to your use of any and all technical means, such as any devices and internet connections when using centralbullion.com.

You guarantee not to perform any actions that may put a disproportionate or unreasonable strain on the infrastructure of centralbullion.com which may result in a loss or reduction of its performance, or hinder its functionality.

You guarantee not to do anything which may damage the centralbullion.com website, including and not restricted to: obtaining source code, reverse engineering, using viruses, trojan horses, worms, bots, software or other technical tools, or make any other attempt to circumvent protective technical measures.

9: Message Board User Material

When using centralbullion.com you are solely responsible and liable for any material that you post/upload including and not limited to: descriptions, photographs, specifications, offers, opinions, messages, advertisements and announcements. The following rules apply for any User Material that you post/upload:

You agree and accept that you are solely responsible and accountable for all User Material that you post/upload and you acknowledge and agree that the User Material you post/upload on centralbullion.com:

9a. Is not false, inaccurate, untrue, misleading or inappropriate.

9b. Does not and cannot have any negative effect on the good name or reputation of Central Bullion Ltd, its Directors, partners or other affiliated companies and third party service providers.

9c. Does not and cannot cause offence to anyone, is not discriminatory, does incite harassment or violence against any anyone, is not in bad taste, does not conflict with public morality, does not contain any link to pornographic material or adult websites, does not promote any illegal activities, does not consist of spam and does not link to any commercial websites.

9d. Does not conflict with any laws or regulations, does not infringe on any rights of third parties, is not unlawful towards third parties or Central Bullion Ltd and does not conflict with these Terms of Use.

9e. You agree and accept that when you post/upload any User Material onto centralbullion.com, that you are granting us a free, uncumbered, global, non-exclusive, irrevocable licence to use, reproduce and communicate your User Material publicly for any purposes, in any format and through any channel. This Licence does not end when your User Account is closed and/or deleted, or you decide to stop using centralbullion.com.

9f. We reserve the right to translate any User Material into any Language and adjust the material, if after translation, it has a demonstrable negative effect, or to remove the material if there is no suitable translation possible.

10. Reporting User Material Content.

If you are of the opinion that certain User Material is inappropriate or unlawful, you should report this to us. We reserve the right to remove or change User Material on centralbullion.com during or following investigation into any reports submitted.

11: User Account Closure, Deletion, Suspension and other measures.

11a. Closing your User Account. You may close your User Account at any time however, we have the right to refuse the deletion of your User Account if you have outstanding obligations that you need to perform such as and not limited to: payment obligations to us and if there are any potential outstanding issues or complaints related to your User Account, posts or activities on centralbullion.com.

11b. Your User Account closed by Us. We may close and delete your User Account at our sole discretion for reasons such as and not limited to: being legally required to so, if the User has acted in a way as not to comply with these Terms of Use, if it is not in our business interests to continue to provide services to you.

11c. Suspension of your User Account. We are entitled to suspend your User Account and any services that we provide to you if there is sufficient reason to believe that you have not acted in accordance with these Terms of Use.

11d. We may set-off claims. In the event that your User Account is suspended we will act to secure our own rights and those of other Users and at our sole discretion: we may suspend payments from or to you, including refunds and we may use your funds to offset any financial claim that we may have against you. Any such actions taken by us will be regulated and carried out in accordance with mandatory consumer law.

11e. We may take additional protective measures. In addition to the measures described above, Central Bullion Ltd may also take additional measures to protect the company, the centralbullion.com website and other Users from any fraudulent, infringing or otherwise inappropriate behavior which are set out in these Terms of Use.

12: Availability of the centralbullion.com website.

You agree and accept that we are authorised, at all times and without prior notice, to make technical, procedural, commercial, or other changes, amendments and improvements to the centralbullion.com website and are also authorised to temporarily put out of operation, or limit the use of centralbullion.com if it is deemed necessary to do so for reasons such as and not limited to: website/server maintenance.

13: Warranties and Liabilities.

The centralbullion.com website is provided for use ‘as is’ and without any kind of express or implied warranty.

We do not guarantee that:

(a) the centralbullion.com website will be secure or available on any particular date, time or in any particular time or location.

(b) any errors or defects of centralbullion.com will be corrected.

(c) the centralbullion.com website will be free of viruses or other harmful software or materials.

(d) that your use of the centralbullion.com website meets your expectations.

In the event that at any time the centralbullion.com website is unavailable, or has any defects or errors, we will at our sole discretion be entitled to take any measures deemed appropriate which may include and not be limited to: suspending all website activity, suspending/removing User Accounts, dissolving Contracts of Sale and cancelling transactions.

We cannot be held liable for.

Within the extent that is permitted by mandatory law, we accept no liability whatsoever for damages resulting from:

(a) The provision of Central Bullion Ltd services, including but not limited to damages resulting from, or in connection with your use of the centralbullion.com website, or from wrongful acts, or otherwise.

(b) The cancellation of transactions by us, or Contracts of Sale dissolved by us.

(c) The performance of Third Party Shipping Services and the delivery of Bullion.

(d) The estimated values of Bullion/Precious Metal at any time.

(e) User Material

(f) The unlawful use of the centralbullion.com website.

(g) The use by Users of of the services of Third Party Service Providers.

(h) Any errors in the descriptions and information text as a result of translations.

(i) Technical problems or other errors of the centralbullion.com website.

Limitation of liability.

If Central Bullion Ltd is found to be liable for any damages for any reason whatsoever, Central Bullion Ltd shall only be liable for the compensation of direct damages a User suffers as a result of a shortcoming, or wrongful act, that can be directly attributed to Central Bullion Ltd. Direct damages are restricted to only: material damage to goods, reasonable costs incurred to prevent or limit direct damage and reasonable costs incurred to determine the cause of the damage, the direct damage and the manner of repair. In the event that Central Bullion Ltd is liable for damages for any reason whatsoever, the liability is limited to the highest of the following amounts: (a) the total value of Bullion purchased by the User with a maximum limit of £500 (five hundred British pounds). This limitation of liability does not exclude liability for gross negligence or willful misconduct committed by Central Bullion Ltd.

Reporting a damages claim. You agree and accept that you must report any damages to us in writing as soon as possible after first appearance of the damages. Any Claim for compensation against Central Bullion Ltd expires twelve (12) months after the first appearance of the damages.

The twelve months limitation period also applies if Central Bullion Ltd needs to pay out or refund you. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have the correct details to make such payment.

14: Indemnification.

As a User of the centralbullion.com website, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, you are liable to fully indemnify us against claims from other Users or from third parties and all damages and costs that Central Bullion Ltd may suffer or incur as a result of (a) your failure to perform the Terms of Use, (b) any improper actions during the use of the centralbullion.com website, (c) your breach of any regulations, laws, third party rights, or (d) a wrongful act by you. Your obligations for indemnification also applies to any partners, third party service providers, companies affiliated with Central Bullion Ltd and Central Bullion Ltd directors, employees, representatives and legal successors.

15: Central Bullion Ltd Intellectual Property Rights.

You agree and accept that all intellectual property rights of the centralbullion.com website and the Central Bullion Ltd databases are owned by Central Bullion Ltd, partners and licensors. Subject to the conditions in these Terms of Use, Central Bullion Ltd grants you limited personal rights to use the centralbullion.com website and view the information and images within. The limited personal rights granted to you are: personal, non-exclusive, revocable, not (sub)licensable and non-transferable.

16: Disputes between Users.

You agree and accept that you are obliged to try all means possible to resolve and dispute between yourself and any other User of centralbullion.com between yourselves. In exceptional circumstances on and on written request to us, we will make reasonable efforts to mediate between Users, however we cannot be held liable to pay any damages or other compensation to any Users if they don’t agree with our decision.

17: Disputes between Users and Central Bullion Ltd.

You agree and accept that you must advise us in writing of anything you are unhappy with while using the centralbullion.com website. If we are unable to resolve such a complaint the following rules will govern any legal dispute between you and Central Bullion Ltd:

These Terms of Use and any disputes that arise from this the Terms of Use and the centralbullion.com website are governed by English law, unless otherwise stipulated in mandatory law and all disputes that arise between you and Central Bullion Ltd will be submitted to a court in England, United Kingdom, unless mandatory law stipulates that the dispute must be submitted to another court. Consumers disputes must be submitted to a court in England, United Kingdom, unless you choose another court that is competent according to law and is done so within one (1) month after we have invoked this provision in writing. You can also alternatively choose to submit a complaint to an authority for extrajudicial dispute resolution (see the website of the ODR Platform for more information).

Reporting a claim for performance. If you believe that Central Bullion Ltd has failed to fulfill its obligations under the agreement, then you must report a claim for performance against Central Bullion Ltd as soon as possible. Each claim for performance expires twelve (12) months after the moment it becomes claimable.

18: Changes to these Terms of Use.

We may amend or supplement these Terms of Use at any time by posting the amended Terms of Use on the centralbullion.com website. If there is a significant amendment or supplement to these Terms of Use, then we at our sole discretion notify Users by email or some other means.

If you continue to use the centralbullion.com website after the Terms of Use have been amended or supplemented, you irrevocably accept the amended or supplemented Terms of Use.

Central Bullion Ltd may transfer rights and obligations that follow from these Terms of Use to third parties and we will inform you if this happens.

19: Survival.

If any provision(s) in these Terms of Use is/are void or invalid in whole or in part for any reason, any Users and Central Bullion Ltd will remain bound by the remaining Terms of Use. Void or invalid parts of these Terms of Use will be replaced by provisions that are valid and which will have legal consequences that are in line with the removed invalid provisions, as much and as closely as is possible.