Product Image Advice

You will sell more with Good Product Images

The Images in every Listing are vital to grabbing the attention of potential customers and encouring them to make a purchase.

It is a proven fact that Good Product Images increase sales on every online store and marketplace and are significant in helping to prevent dissatisfaction by buyers.

Product images should be: 1,000 X 1,000 pixels in jpeg format.

Read about How To List Products here.


Show the Product/s that you are selling on it's own and against a neutral background.

Showing other products in the same picture as the product/s you are selling will distract potential buyers as it can easily cause confusion and even detract from what you are selling.

Take photographs of your product/s in full colour, on a stable surface, that is well lit, on a neutral, non fussy, contrasting background and in focus.


Show different views of the Product/s that you are selling.

Potential buyers are more likely to buy your Product/s if they are satified that they have had a good look around and seen all surfaces and features.

You should take photographs from different angles to show potential buyers views of your Product/s such as: front / back / sides / top / bottom.


Show a common object beside your Product/s for visual size reference.

If the Product/s you are selling are an unusual shape, or have non-semetrical or irregular dimensions, place a common object (circulation coin, mobile phone, measuring rule or your hand etc...) beside your Product/s in one of your product images. This gives a quick and easy visual size or scale reference for potential customers.


Show extras such as display cases and boxes, manuals and certificates.

Always show pictures of any extras that accompany the Product/s that you are selling. Buyers love to see that they are getting extras and you will sell your Products/s quicker.

If you take your Product/s out of a box or case to photograph, dont expect potential buyers to presume that there are also such extras. You should show at least one picture with your Product/s in place in any display case or box that will come with their purchase. If you have certificates or warranties, take pictures of those also and add the images to your listing.


Show Products out of their packaging or container if possible.

If you are able to do so, it will help you to sell your products if you show a picture of them out of their container or packaging.

Note: If breaking a seals is no good for you, then if you mention this in your listing, potential buyers will normally understand.


Keep your images natural, don't adjust the colour.

When you take the photographs of your Products do not use any colour adjustment features or filters on your camera.

When you are editing, only crop for size and adjust brightness, do not make colour adjustments as it is important that you keep the images as natural as possible.



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