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  • Ounce
  • Gram
  • Gold
  • $1824.325
  • $58.653
  • Silver
  • $21.655
  • $0.696
Spot Prices. Updated 08:48 17/05/22

Converting Vaulted Investment Bullion to Delivered Bullion Bars

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CONVERTING Vaulted Investment Bullion to DELIVERED BARS



Converting your Investment Bullion to Bullion Bars for Delivery.

You can request that all, or part, of your vaulted Investment Bullion is converted to Bullion Bars for Delivery to your own premises at any time.

You understand and accept that vaulted Investment Bullion is a lower cost to purchase per gram than the cost of Bullion Bars for Delivery. Therefore when you exchange your ownership of vaulted Investment Bullion to Bullion Bars for Delivery you will be using a larger quantity (grams) of your vaulted Investment Bullion to convert to the same monetary value of Bullion Bars for Delivery.

The calculation made for the conversion will be based on the currenct price Spot Price per gram plus a premium of 4% on Gold and 7% on Silver.

Ownership of vaulted Investment Bullion can only be exchanged for 'whole' Bullion Bars for Delivery. You can be supplied with 100g GOLD Bullion Bars and 5,000g SILVER Bullion Bars.

When you exchange your ownership of vaulted Investment Bullion for Bullion Bars For Delivery, you are ordering a whole Bullion Bar, or Bars, that is/are shipped to your premises for you to store yourself and you will be solely responsible and liable for looking after and insuring your Bullion Bars.

To exchange your ownership of vaulted Investment Bullion for Bullion Bars for Delivery, you send us an email telling us how many grams you want to exchange and we will send you a confirmation of order which will show you the qty, size and material of Bullion Bars that will be shipped to you.

Bullion Bars for Delivery are supplied to you direct from the appropriate local partner who we use in your Country.

In-stock Bullion Bars are normally dispatched within 24 hours (working days mon-fri excluding holidays) of receiving cleared funds.



United Kingdom VAT: If you reside in the UK, SILVER Pool Allocated Bullion only remains VAT Free while it is vaulted.

When you convert your ownership of vaulted SILVER Pool Allocated Bullion to SILVER Bullion Bars for Delivery, its VAT status changes and VAT must be paid on the price paid for the SILVER Bullion Bars for Delivery.



Investing Risks, Tax Liabilities, Legal Obligations and Reporting Requirements

Central Bullion Ltd does not give advice or recommendation as to any kind of personal or business investing/trading, tax liabilities, legal rules and obligations, or reporting requirements and the information provided on the Central Bullion platform, video tutorials, invoices or other means of communication should not be relied upon and/or acted upon as such.

Before Investing in and Trading (buying and selling) in Precious Metal Bullion on the Central Bullion Platform, or by any other means, you should seek your own independent advice from an appropriately qualified Advisor in your own Country.

IMPORTANT: Precious metal prices can be volatile and the value of any metal that you purchase, or sell, can go down as well as up. 

Please read: the Disclaimer at the Bottom of the Webpage.



Any more questions ?

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