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How to Convert Vaulted Bullion to Bullion For Delivery

How to Convert Vaulted Bullion to Bullion For Delivery


Here we demonstrate how you can easily and quickly convert some or all Vaulted Bullion to Bullion Bars for delivery.

When you Convert Vaulted Bullion for Bullion Bars fro delivery, the appropriate amount of grams of Vaulted Bullion is deducted from your Account Portfolio.

The Bullion Bars are shipped to your address from your local Central Bullion approved supplier.



As a Central Bullion Registered User, you are able to purchase Precious Metal Vaulted Bullion in 1 gram increments at a substantially lower cost/gram than buying individual delivered Bullion Bars.

We bulk purchase Precious Metal Bullion which is supplied directly by LBMA London Bullion Market Association accredited Refiners and is held in high security professional Vaults.

When you buy grams of Precious Metal on the Central Bullion Platform you are buying a 'share or part' of the Precious Metal Vaulted Bullion.

The intelligent Central Bullion software ‘digitally’ allocates ownership of the grams of Precious Metal to you which is recorded in your Account Portfolio in your Personal Dashboard.

You add funds to your Account Wallet in your Personal Dashboard and each time you make a purchase on the Central Bullion Platform, the intelligent Central Bullion software takes the payment from your Account Wallet.

There are 6 highly popular Vaulted Bullion services on the Central Bullion Platform which make it super easy for you to Buy, Sell, Gift, Transfer, Convert and Exchange Precious Metal Vaulted Bullion 24/7.



Sign In to your Personal Dashboard and select the SELL VAULTED BULLION tab.

You can use the drop-down menus to select the Bullion Bar for Delivery that they want to convert your Vaulted Bullion into.

When you see the Bullion Bar that you want, click the SELECT Button.



You will now see the options available of your Vaulted Bullion that will be required for the conversion to the Bullion Bar for Delivery that you have selected.

Choose your preferred option by selecting the round radio button.

Review your choice to ensure that you are happy that it is correct.

You are required to confirm that you accept the Terms and Conditions by ticking the check box .

Now click the PLACE ORDER Button.



Click the ORDER HISTORY tab to see the record of the transaction.

Click VIEW to see the Invoice for the transaction.



You can print off the Invoice by clicking the PRINT INVOICE Button.