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YAHOO FINANCE. Avoid fake bullion by safely investing in Gold and Silver with Central Bullion.

YAHOO FINANCE. Avoid fake bullion by safely investing in Gold and Silver with Central Bullion.

date    March 31,2023


Avoid fake bullion by safely investing in Gold and Silver with Central Bullion.

by Maria Qamar


It is a universal fact that we all love Gold especially for the times of uncertainty. It proves to be a great hedging element against currency devaluation and economic downturns. We have all seen how the pandemic of covid 19 has created a higher level of uncertainty.

People prefer to save or invest in precious metals in case of uncertainty and Gold bullion possesses a key feature of being a haven property. Are you searching for a reliable source to invest in Gold and Silver bullion? Investing in Gold and Silver with Central Bullion is a safe and reliable platform for your investments.

About Central Bullion

Central Bullion Ltd is a private company and number one investment bullion platform where anyone could achieve the best Gold and Silver prices for both selling and buying purposes.

The founder and present CEO of Central Bullion is British entrepreneur 59 yr old Paul Gill.

Central Bullion is directly supplied only by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) accredited refiners with Gold and Silver investment bullion bars guaranteed to be of the highest purity and fineness. The Gold and Silver investment bullion bars supplied to Central Bullion from the LBMA accredited refiners in the UK, Europe and Switzerland are delivered to the dedicated professional vaults in sizes from 10 grams up to to 31,100 grams.

All investment bullion is produced in accordance to the strict quality control and material sourcing standards set by the LMBA, who sets the criteria for the global trade of Gold and Silver bullion bars which is ‘the’ standard that is trusted around the globe. The LMBA owns and manages the ‘good delivery’ lists for both Silver and Gold.

The www.centralbullion.com platform operated by Central Bullion Ltd provides a host of unique, useful and helpful functions to its registered users, which enables the users to get full benefit from their precious metal investments. The Central Bullion platform provides a low-cost service with transparent pricing without any kind of hidden extras. Anyone can easily create a free Central Bullion registered user account.

Gold and Silver bullion

Central Bullion is only supplied directly from LBMA accredited refiners where the Gold and Silver investment bullion is transported directly from the refiners to the Central Bullion dedicated professional vaults. Hence you have peace of mind that investing with Central Bullion is completely safe and devoid of fake bullion, as there is no break in the supply chain. This direct supply means that the quality of your Gold and Silver bullion is 100% guaranteed.

Pool allocated bullion

Central Bullion registered users can purchase Gold and Silver bullion from as little as 1 gram of vaulted pool allocated bullion. Purchased pool allocated bullion remains in dedicated high-security vaults for safekeeping which is fully insured to the full value of your investment, with no cap (unlike the limited deposit schemes of banks and other financial institutions). In addition the dedicated professional vaults where your pool allocated bullion is held, are independently audited so that you know that Central Bullion really does have the required stocks of Gold and Silver investment bullion securely held on behalf of its users (unlike investing in ETF's and unallocated bullion which is often not fully backed with physical vaulted bullion).

Bullion bars for delivery

Central Bullion registered users can request that all or some of their Gold or Silver pool allocated bullion is converted to bullion bars to be delivered to their own premises at any time.

Security and peace of mind is another feature of Central Bullion when it comes to delivery of investment bullion to your own premises. Again, there is no break in the supply chain from refiner to you. The precious metal bullion bars are supplied direct from the LBMA accredited refiners to dedicated professional vaults and the bullion bars delivered to you are delivered direct from the dedicated professional vaults to your premises.

Central Bullion do not buy any precious metal bullion bars from any other source other than direct from the LBMA accredited refiners.

Services and facilities

Central bullion provides a wide range of unique and useful services on the www.centralbullion.com platform, such as: 

1. Registered users can buy pool allocated bullion from Central Bullion Ltd on the Central Bullion platform.

2. Registered users can buy Investment Gold and Silver Pool Allocated Bullion through the peer-to-peer Central Bullion Market from other registered users.

3. Registered users can selol Investment Gold and Silver Pool Allocated Bullion through the peer-to-peer Central Bullion Market to other registered users.

4. Registered users can send investment Gold and Silver Pool Allocated bullion as a gift or payment to anyone, anywhere with an email address, which will save both the sender and recipient from high bank cross-border currency conversion costs.

5. Registered users can receive investment Gold and Silver Pool Allocated bullion as a gift or payment from registered users anywhere, which will save both the sender and recipient from high bank cross-border currency conversion costs.

6. Registered users can convert Gold and Silver Pool Allocated bullion bars to Bullion bars for Delivery.

7. Registered users can exchange pool allocated Gold investment bullion for Silver investment bullion and vice versa.

Central bullion provides the features of deep and reliable liquidity, Responsible sourcing, Global precious metal codes, and user identification, etc. It is also registered with the NCA (National Crime Agency) and ICO (Information Commissioners Office).

Fake bullion: a growing global problem

Fake bullion is a growing global problem as it is created by expert forgers so carefully and professionally that even the most experienced dealers are unable to detect a big percentage of the fake bullion bars. From 2017 to 2019 fake bullion bars worth $50 million were identified, many stamped with genuine Swiss refinery logos and serial numbers.

Fake bullion bars and coins are manufactured with such realistic packaging and great accuracy that experienced dealers are easily deceived. In fact refiners often will not accept and payout on their own brand bullion bars sold back to them until after they have been melted down, because the bars are copied with such accuracy and with genuine serial numbers replicated on the fake bullion bars.

When you purchase any Gold and Silver bullion bars that are supplied from dealers, it is common and understandable the dealer is genuinely not aware of the fact that they are selling fake bullion bars. That is why mostly these fake bullions bars remain undetected while in circulation.

Claimed as "tested" or "sealed and certified" Bullion, certainly cannot be relied upon without undergoing extensive professional assay testing, or if there is a proven unbroken supply chain direct from an LBMA approved refiner.

Less sophisticated fake bullion coins and bars can be easily identified by simple tests like scratching test or magnet testing etc. But the more sophisticated Fake bullion coins and bars could be much harder to detect even using ultrasonic testing and x-ray fluorescence testing.

Most of the bullion dealers/shopkeepers only do the basic testing and it means that you are at a high risk of purchasing worthless fake bullion bars and coins, often from legitimate unsuspecting sellers.

This risk of unwittingly investing in fake bullion is completely removed by investing with Central Bullion, as the strict systems and supply chains in place by Central Bullion means that all Gold and Silver investment bullion that they supply or hold in vaults on your behalf is 100 % guaranteed for its purity and homogeneity.

Limitations on testing Methods for inhomogeneity and purity

It is important to know that regardless of the claims made by the equipment manufacturers, there is no single testing method (other than complete destruction/melting) that can give reliable results of whether the Gold or Silver investment bullion bar is fake or not. To detect the accurate composition and inhomogeneity of the metal, a ‘combination’ of multiple tests is required.

A combination of the following testing methods is required for reliable identification of the fake bullion. Individually, each testing method has some kind of limitation.

1. Scratch and acid testing

This method could falsely identify the plated bullion coin or bar as genuine, where the core is a cheaper metal.

2. Density gravity testing

Tungsten is very close to Gold in case of volume or weight and it is often found in fake Gold bullion bars. Bars with cores of specified mixed metal could be falsely identified as genuine in the case of the density test.

3. Ultrasonic testing

This kind of test is used to test bullion bars for hidden cavities. But it is not suitable for accurate assays for a Metal's composition or purity.

4. X-ray fluorescence testing

It detects the purity and composition of metals but it can do a false identification of a thick plated bar as genuine.

5. Electrical conductivity testing 

Metal alloy mixtures could be created to match the electrical conductivity of Gold. In this way, plated or fake bars could be identified as genuine.

6. Fire Assay

This test accurately tests gold but for the testing purpose, one small piece needs to be removed. There is a chance that the remaining parts of the bullion could be fake.

If you want to invest in precious metal bullion safely and with complete peace of mind, check out the www.centralbullion.com platform.