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The Advantages of Using Pool-Allocated Bullion as a Payment or Gift. By Brandon Miller

The Advantages of Using Pool-Allocated Bullion as a Payment or Gift. By Brandon Miller

date    March 16,2021



The Advantages of Using Pool-Allocated Bullion as a Payment or Gift.

By Brandon Miller.


Owning gold and silver is an important part of a diversified portfolio. Since precious metals have performed well historically and are known for holding their value, gold and silver are a great hedge against economic downturn and currency devaluation.

The team at Central Bullion has created an easy way to transfer physical ownership of gold and silver from one person to another as a form of payment or as a gift.


What is Pool-Allocated Bullion?

If you have ever wanted to own gold or silver, it may be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, Central Bullion has created a simple way to own these precious metals at the lowest cost through pool-allocation.

Most buyers who are interested in owning gold or silver can’t afford to buy large bullion bars. Instead, they must purchase smaller bullion bars. The problem with this method is that refiners must charge a premium to produce bars. The smaller the bar, the higher the premium, hence the cost per gram to buyers of small bars being shipped to them is substantially higher than purchasing a large bar valued at approximately $500,000 per bar. 

Central Bullion holds the largest bullion bars available on the market. This ensures that the precious metals are purchased at the best price possible. The savings are then passed onto the buyer. The physical gold or silver is divided into segregated ‘pools’ stored in professional vaults. Buyers can purchase the precious metals in as little as 1-gram increments from the pool.

The high-security professional vaults hold the gold or silver which is fully insured against its current value of the precious metal, with no cap.

Buyers retain legal ownership of the pool allocated bullion and at any time can requests that it is converted to bullion bars for delivery to their premises, or they decide to transfer ownership to another person.


Sending Pool-Allocated Bullion as a Payment or a Gift

The www.centralbullion.com platform gives users many options to use their gold or silver. You can buy or sell through the peer-to-peer market, can request that it is converted to bullion bars to be shipped to you, or transfer the ownership of some, or all of your pool allocated bullion to another person as a gift or payment.

If you are feeling generous, you may want to gift some of your pool allocated gold or silver to another person. Perhaps you are helping your grandchild get a head start on their investment portfolio. Or maybe you are looking for a unique gift for a friend.

Your gold and silver can also be used to pay other people for goods or services. Ask your next vendor or contractor if they take gold or silver as a form of payment.


Advantages of Using Pool-Allocated Bullion as a Payment or Gift

There are many unique benefits to using pool-allocated bullion as a payment or gift that you don’t get from fiat currencies or other traditional payment methods:-

Physical Ownership

Pool-allocated bullion is a share of physical precious metal that can be transferred to another person. By gifting gold and silver through Central Bullion, the recipient obtains ownership. If they chose, they could convert it to physical gold or silver bars to be sent to them or they can sell it to another user on the Central Bullion peer-to-peer marketplace.

Easy Transfer Process

Gifting or transferring pool allocated gold or silver bullion to another person is simple. All you need is their email address. The recipient receives an email confirming the transfer. To access their precious metals, they just have to set up and sign into their Central Bullion account.

Fast Processing

Transferring some of your pool-allocated bullion is extremely fast. It takes just a few seconds for the bullion to be subtracted from your account and added to the recipient account. Compared to bank transfers which usually take 48 hours to process, this can be a great option when payment needs to be made quickly. It is also faster than most cryptocurrencies.

Secure Transactions

The www.centralbullion.com platform uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect your data. When you set up your account, you will need to upload documentation and go through a simple, guided verification process such as setting up your verified linked bank account. No funds can be withdrawn from your Central Bullion user account except to your verified, linked bank account.

Since the gold or silver is stored in a secure vault, you don’t have to worry about the risks of transferring physical precious metals yourself.

No Currency Conversion

Gold and silver are universally accepted anywhere in the world. When transferring fiat currencies across borders, there are typically high conversion rates that banks charge. To avoid this, you can simply pay a vendor using the gold or silver that you have in your account. The recipient can then sell the precious metal to another Central Bullion user and withdraw the funds in their home currency.

Increased Value

Another great thing about gold and silver is that they tend to go up in value over time. By using this as a payment method or gift, you are transferring ownership of an asset that could be worth more in the future and likely keep pace with inflation. Fiat currencies on the other hand typically only go down in value.


Use the Company You Can Trust for Precious Metals

Ready to get started? Invest in precious metals with a partner you can trust. The www.centralbullion.com platform is user-friendly and allows you to buy, sell, and send gold and silver with confidence. For additional information, check out the Central Bullion investment guide or FAQs