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THE LONDON JOURNAL. Benefits of Using Central Bullion.

THE LONDON JOURNAL. Benefits of Using Central Bullion.

date    June 16,2021



Benefits of Using Central Bullion

By Mark Bergin


Gold has been used by countless civilizations spanning thousands of years. It has been the back bone of almost every country in the world, supported vast empires for centuries and has been the center of numerous wars. Gold has been a staple in world economies and continues that trend to this day, making it one of the most stable, safest, and prominent investments in the world.

There are many individuals and companies that are in the business of gold investing, but not many that offer the same level of service, investment choices and safety when it comes to investing as a registered user on www.centralbullion.com. The company was originally founded in 2017 and is based in London, United Kingdom, where they deal in silver and gold as investment. 

One of the revolutionary services they offer to their clients is the Automated Regular Investment Plan. What this plan does is it automates the routine purchase of pool allocated investment bullion, so investors are able to build and diversify their portfolio with commodities, which is typically combined with other assets such as stocks, bonds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Commodities such as silver and gold have always been an essential aspect of portfolio building and will continue to be important for diversification. Investors who seek to reduce risk in their portfolio can simply opt for the automated regular investment plan without having to remember to invest in commodities themselves, as the system does all of the investing automatically and efficiently.

Central Bullion has made automating your investment into silver and gold easier than ever. Users of the platform can turn on the regular investment plan to auto invest in their personal dashboard. After choosing the auto invest feature, investors have a choice to choose how much funds are invested into silver each month. 

Investments into commodities can be a low as $10 per month and can increase from that point, depending on your investment strategy. After selecting the auto investment feature, the program automatically starts to invest the amount you have pre-selected every month, without any input from you. This allows investors to simply make transfer to the account via direct debit.

Any funds that are available for the regular investment plan in your user account will be automatically used by the system to purchase the selected commodity, gold or silver, from the pool allocated bullion on each normal working day (Monday thru Friday) at 2:35 P.M. GMT (UK time) at the fair market value of the commodity in the pool allocated bullion. The purchases are calculated by the website to the nearest 1 whole gram and the excess funds will remain in the investors account until another purchase is made by the system.

If your investment strategy changes over the years, which is typical of all investors, you can simply decrease or increase the monthly investment in silver and gold at any time you choose. You can also completely turn off the automated regular investment plan whenever you choose. This allows investors to fine tune their investments and are able to adopt to changing portfolio strategies and with changing times. For example, investors can choose to increase their gold holdings quickly with Central Bullion during times of economic hardship with the automated system or manually buying from Central Bullion or other users on the Peer-to-Peer Central Bullion market which is available to users on the platform.

Your investment with Central Bullion will accumulate over time due to the monthly automatic regular investment plan, allowing you to earn proceeds from them as the price of the commodity increases. If the time comes and you would like to withdraw the funds from the account and liquidate the assets, you can simply sell at any time you choose on the Peer-to-Peer Central Bullion market.

Despite being relatively new, Central Bullion is an industry leader when it comes to online commodity investing, especially silver and gold. The company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), but is regulated by English Property law and the assets are insured on a 1 to 1 basis, meaning its full value. £1 million of gold bullion is insured for its full value of £1 million and nothing less. If you are concerned or worried about your investment in Central Bullion, rest assured it is fully insured, safe and is in good hands. 

Although Central Bullion is entirely online, with all of the funds, assets and registrations being done on the company’s website, it is possible for an investor to request their virtual silver or gold bullion to be delivered to their location of choice in the form of physical bullion. The conversion will be based on the fair market value of bullion bars for delivery when the request is made, a feature not many companies offer. The website also offers users cross-border transfers of their bullion on the website, allowing users to avoid unnecessary and high conversion costs between currencies.

Silver and gold have proven to be some of the best assets to own and should be an addition to any portfolio, regardless of size. Central Bullion makes it an incredibly easy process for investors to transfer funds into the account after registering for free and select the type of asset you would like to invest in, with a choice of silver or gold. They have also made it effortless to invest in to silver and gold on a monthly basis, through their unique Automated Regular Investment Plan, allowing investors to invest any amount that fits into their investment strategy and plan. 

Users of Central Bullion can also opt to buy and sell on the Central Bullion peer-to-peer market, buy from Central Bullion and transfer assets between users. The platform can be used by private and business users to buy or sell gold and silver at any time of their choosing. Purchasing and investing in silver or gold has never been made easier, especially with companies like Central Bullion making user friendly, interactive and innovative platforms that allow investors the quick option of diversification. Registration is quick, easy and free.